Smart technology solution

Electronic product design services

we implement your ideas into commercial devices and software for the global market .


Our IoT solution allows you to remotely track and manage your assets in real time from anywhere in the world. We provide this solution for commercial,industrial applications|oil-gas|Logistics| agriculture etc .

Solar Inverters

Our Solar Inverter design comes with remote monitoring,sms and energy metering feature which makes it suitable for pay-as-you-go prepaid system and installmental purchase

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About us

One of our area of expertise is the turnkey of electronic product design based on state-of-the-art micro processors runing linux,android,and other operating System. We create devices of any complexity,taking into account DFM principles(Design for manufacturability) to ensure a successful lunch of mass production.


Diesel Level

Diesel Level Monitor is one of our series of solutions aimed at helping users control, track and manage utility processes. It is an IoT based rugged, industrial-grade diesel level monitor that uses non-invasive means to monitor the amount of diesel left in user’s storage tanks and provides the data to the user via our platform in such a way that, in real-time, from a computer screen or mobile phone, they are able to track

| The amount of diesel that has been used over a period of time |
| The exact amount of diesel left in the storage tank |
| The exact amount of diesel supplied |
| Get Notifications and warnings to ensure the diesel doesn’t finish without the client knowing |
| Get Predictions from our platform as regards when next Diesel order needs to be placed |
| Automatically place an order for diesel supply if sanctioned by the user | SEE MORE PRODUCTS
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